Consultancy is the number one career choice for MBA students and strategy consultancies such as Bain, McKinsey and BCG are always presented in their Top Ten Employer lists. Whilst consultancies pay considerably less than say merchant banks, they offer good salaries, challenging work and great experiences for graduates.

The popularity of consultancies enables them to be incredibly picky when choosing new hires. McKinsey, for example, rejects around 99.8% of all applicants. The selection process is both rigorous and unusual. Yet, unless you were at Harvard, the LSE or a handful of other top business schools , it is unlikely that you have had any training in getting through the process.

Given the size and popularity of the consulting industry, this gap is lamentable. It is difficult to get high marks in the case-interview or the competence-based interview unless you know what the recruiters are looking for. It is for this reason that I have added this section to the website.

On the left hand side, you will see a number of topics which will help you understand the process and also a FAQ section which contains the answers to the dozens of questions I get each year about the process. There is also a page where you can practice the types of cases you would be likely to get at interviews in consulting firms.