I get a lot of questions from students / aspiring consultants and will answer a few here:

1. Can you put me in contact with a company?

No. Generally I do not know the people who ask this question well enough to be confident in making a recommendation and the best students generally don’t need this type of help. There are many alternatives:

1. Use your network to target specific companies (Linkedin, Twitter, friends)

2. Read articles / blogs by consultants and follow them up with specific questions / contact requests.

3.  Apply to brokers such as TopConsultant or BLT

2. What specialism / subject should I do to get into consulting?

The great thing about the consulting industry is that they need all specialisms. It is really up to you what you enjoy. The key thing is to develop excellent interpersonal and analytical skills so that you find it easy to engage with clients and develop (sell) new business.

It is, however, true, that some specialisms are more popular, but these change frequently, but think also about the sector – my early specialism of digital media in 3G was popular in 2000s, but every year shows different trends. Don Leslie on twitter is a great person to follow to understand what there are: https://twitter.com/DonLeslie

3. Internships / Summer projects

Most large consultancies advertise these from March to June. With the large ones, you need to apply early.

4. Anything else:

There are thousands of pages of help available online. Not least there are free chapters and advice from my book available on the Oxford University Press website here. If you’ve got an interview coming up, you’ll need to read about that specific company’s recruitment processes, but as a rule you’d do well to practice your case-interviews and analytical skills.

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